Quotes and anecdotes part 2

(Text from mom, 11:00pm while we are watching Water Boy) “What are you guys doing?” “Guys mom wants to know what we’re doing.”-me. “Tell her Scout is asleep, you and Kate are reading Classic Literature, I am scrubbing the floor, Mocha is teaching Mason tricks oh and it is snowing outside.”- dad . “What???? My floor??? Where and Why??”- mom. “Its snowing?”-me. “oh, you’re joking.”-mom. I really like how the snow doesn’t bother her and the dog teaching the dragon tricks doesn’t bother her but she is very concerned about her floors.

“Where is the soy sauce.?”- text from Kate to mom. “It’s in the pantry.”-mom.                 5 minutes later “I texted mom to ask her where the soy sauce is and she said that its in the pantry! But its hiding from me! I just want to eat it!” She comes back out and said “now it put a disguise on… Mocha do you like soy sauce well too bad you can’t have any because it is hiding.” After we found her more soy sauce she went into the pantry and screamed “Yeah you can show your face now I found other friends and I don’t need you!” Then my dad called to say he was going to get an iPhone. “Whats going on?- Kate” “Dads getting an iPhone.”-me. “Well guess what? I HATE SOY SAUCE!”- Kate.

“Fish, fish fish!! they didn’t respond! Why aren’t the responding???”- Kate
Scouts friend comes to the door and rings the door bell as the dogs start to bark. “Poor kid” I said. “Ya I feel bad for people who come into our house for the first time”- Kate

I was having a sleepover with my friend Sydney. Scout walks in my room and goes “Um wake me up at 7:00?” we asked him why and he said. “Because I want you to take me to Starbucks before school so I can get my peppermint mocha!.”


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