Longer anecdotes

One of my friends first time here was a normal night for us, however very different for her. We were sitting at the counter with my mom who was preparing dinner, chicken tacos, everyone’s favorite. “Whose all that food for???” she asked me. “Well you, me, Kate, Tanner, Scout, Scouts friend Nico, my mom, my dad, Katrina and Vince” I told her. Her face looked confused but to me this is a normal kind of night. As everyone started to walk in it got louder, which didn’t phase me but she is an only child with one dog so to her it was all new. Tanner picked up Nico and started carrying him around the house saying “does this belong to anyone?” as he carried him around Scout proceeded to follow him while punching him trying to free his friend. Kate then walked in after dance class very distraught about a homework assignment she did not want to do, and was being VERY vocal about it. A few minutes later Katrina just walked on in the door as she announced, “I’M HERE!”  “She doesn’t even live here, does she??” she asked me. “We don’t use our doorbell, everyone just walks in!” I explained. Tanner was still carrying Nico around only this lap around the house he had a cat as well, who had taken to batting Nico in the head. My dad walked in talking to Wizard and Mocha about 20 minutes later then proceeded to irritate my mom and Katrina and the three of them started to bicker. Vince walked in next and announced he was hungry and opened the refrigerator. My mom started to fry up the tacos and called out “tacos ready, first come first serve” as Katrina started to unload the refrigerator with salsa, cilantro and other things to put on tacos. We then went outside to watch a movie. A normal night for us a whole new thing for her.


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