The Zaas Family Quotes and Anecdotes

Meet my family! My mom Robin, My dad Terry, My younger brothers Tanner and Scout, my little sister Kate, Scouts best friend Nico, my moms best friend Katrina and my best friends Maria, Ryan, Alicia and Sydney.

“Who bit you in the butt this morning??”- Kate to this character on an iPad game.

“Well if he is going to act like an Alfanzo, I am going to call him Alfanzo.”- Mom

Kate was walking in the door as Scout was trying to open it with his head like Wizard does . As Tanner went to go investigate the noise Nico began throwing a bouncy ball at the door, the ball then rickashaeyed off and hit Kate in the forehead . Tanner was dumbfounded and looked at Kate and said “Umm what just happened?” Jeez getting in the door is dangerous.

“Moral of the Story: I’m always right.”- Ryan Menges

“Does this computer have sound?”- Dad                                                                     “No….. it talks in sign language….”- Maria

“Alexandra Carli Ali Lexie Louise McAllister Zaas….HOORAY I DID IT RIGHT!!! “- Katrina

– 11:00pm “Why are you eating goldfish this late. You should be eating popcorn! Goldfish are a day time snack.”- Tanner

– (Snow day 2010)- Kate, Scout, Tanner and I were sitting at the kitchen table with our mom, when our dad walked down and said, “Hey kids get your coats on, lets go knock some snow off trees.” My mom proceeded to say no, that’s stupid our tree branches will fall off. Ohhhhhh the things that happen in the zaas house.

‎”We should feed Mason the loud crickets first”- Kate
“Do they come with labels that say loud and quiet?”- Mom                                          “THEY SHOULD!”- Kate

“Oh do you wanna go there.”- Scout                                                                             “I went there!”- Maria

On our way to the Grove City tournament we got kind of lost trying to find the parking lot. When we finally found it my dad started saying “I would like to thank the GPS for getting us here. Robin, Maria, Lexie, Scout everyone say thank you to the GPS!”

“You’re like an angry-asorous-rex”- my dad

“We wanted Subway!!!!”- Kate and Lexie “Well I want a debt agreement!”- Tanner

– “Did you know, that in 1999 the US government was focused on what the state cookie of Pennsylvania should be, instead of catching terrorists???”- Tanner

‎- “If they’re going to shoot a missile into Cuba I am going to blow them up in Moscow.”- Tanner

‎- “He just looks likes… Beat me up I’m from southern ohio”-mom

– ‎”Shut the popsicle up!”-Scout

“Where did we get this kid from?”- Maria                                                         “Walmart!! They have all the best deals on kids!”- Scout

– There was a really stupid ump at one of Tanners games. Scout and Kate decided that they now speak the languages of “rawr”. The ump was making noises that resembled a “rawr” and they declared that he speaks their language!

– ‎”I am not addicted to caffeine”- Ryan
“Well I am not either”-me
“hahahah and the pope is totally not catholic” -Ryan

The day I got glasses my mom and I were picking Kate up from school, she gets in the car, looks at me and says “Hey! The glasses make you look smart”

“The Tuscon got into a fight with the Denali… and it won.”- Tanner

-“My TV isn’t working”-mom
“Scout and I will come fix it”-me
Scout walks in and sees what’s on the screen. Stops, facepalms, grabs the remote and says “what did you do?” Note- Scout is 8 years old

‎”Where is mom???”-me
“Um she is in the shower”- .my dad.
“grrr”. me
“Why are you growling at the shower?”.- my dad

– During Tanners senior night, Tanner was asked, “who would you like to thank?” Tanner says, “I would like to thanks Scout for being Scout!” Coach Jones then asked “Where is Scout, oh Scouts on the field being Scout!”

One day, I was helping my mom add some contacts into her Iphone. We were having difficulties remembering how to spell some of the peoples last names. We started to get frusturated and add their last name as their function. An example- Travis TheFishGuy

“Dumb banana and Stupid pear”- Maria and Scout

At dinner one night both my parents got Scout some pickles out. My dad proceeds to pick up the pickles and say “eat me first I’m sweet, eat me first I’m salty, eat me first I’m greener.”

Me, Scout and Kate went to the pet store and found a puppy that we loved and named him caramel. We got home and asked mom “Can we have a caramel tomorrow?” Her response was “A candy, sure a dog NO.” Grrrrr why does she know everything?

“Thank you doggy-dog”- my dad to Maria

“Mommy-mommy”- dad, Scout, Kate and I

Scout used to call himself Tout, and Kate nicknamed him touttertot. Then one day we were eating tattertots and Scout said “it’s not tattertot its touttertot get your facts right!!”

We got home from Dave and Busters and my dad was doing something in the garage when all of a sudden he heard something in the trashcan. All of the sudden a racoon tail poked out. He yelled in for my mom and then knocked over the trashcan and a racoon wobbled out. She asked “Why did you need me?” he then replied “I have seen too many alien movies to not be scared.”

One night we were all playing taboo with Sydney and her boyfriend Drew. My dad had recently discovered pitbull and said “hey hey guys! Have you ever heard of pitbull?” and started beatboxing

One time when Ryan was over Tanner, Scout, he and I were trying to watch a movie. It took 30 minutes for us to figure out how to because we got a new entertainment system.

Pet stories

– Our orange cat gingersnap hunts stuffed animals.

– Our Bernese mountain dog Wizard opens the door to get into the house.

– One day my mom couldn’t find our black and white cat named Rainbow. My dad later found her in a woodpile taking care of baby racoons.

– One night gingersnap decided to wake my dad up by biting his toe then his nose.

– Tanner was away on a school trip and we could not find gingersnap. My mom asked “has anyone seen gingersnap?” Kate then said “Maybe she went to Arizona to find Tanner to fend off the wild animals.”


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