The 15 biggest life lessons we’ve learned in college (the important ones and random ones)

Lexie= L Ryan= R

1. The minority matters more then the majority. The pieces make the whole, so every piece is important. L

2. I finally realized this is my life and I can do whatever I want. Honestly, if I want to/need to sleep on a couch in the library, then I’ll do it because I think you can have your cake, eat it too, choose what icing there is, what kind of sprinkles, and where you want to eat it because you’re in charge of your own life.  Boom. R

3. You can never have too much coffee. L

4. Money can’t buy happiness…but it can buy Starbucks…which is basically the same thing. R

5. Keep friends close, keep enemies closer. But because enemies are annoying… use your 8 year old brothers spy camera he got from Santa. L

6. I don’t think it’s a problem that everything is exciting to me…honestly, I’d rather get excited over the 3 colored marshmallows then pretend to me “mature” and “grownup.” The three color kind obviously taste more awesome. R

7. If we went to the same school. No one would stand a chance at anything…. We would own you. L

8. Love everyday and love yourself. You are worth it. R

9. Amendment to Number 8: …you are worth it…unless you’re a hippie. R

10. Stay away from alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances. They turn you into one of “those people”…and trust us…it’s not good to be one of “those people”…they’re on our list. Not to mention it compromises you ability to get work done the next day. L

11. Sometimes it’s necessary to jump in a lake in the middle of winter. Why? I answer with yet another question. Why not? R

12. Every minute counts, so don’t waste any. Always have something to do with you in case someone is not as punctual as you and shows up late… iPads are fantastic inventions. Oh and sneeze with your eyes open so you can keep working. L

13. Adults are fun to hang out with…they’re like looking at you in the future and how awesome life is forever. #KatrinaandMamaZ. R

14.Add in to #13. Cutest best friends ever. L

15. Cake is better than cookies. Cupcakes are better than cake. Cake pops are better than everything. R



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