Ryan and Lexie…yes we’re conspiring now…

So we’re sitting here. Talking to Lexie’s mom about appalling educators. Also, Lexie’s mom has made a ridiculous amount of cookies this year. Even for her its ridiculous…and that’s really saying something…like for real. She’s packing everything together for her friends and it all looks so good.

But anyways we’re here blogging together and I don’t know why this hasn’t been outlawed yet because honestly, this much crazy in one place is probably not good for society as a whole. Like seriously. But how do you define crazy. Aren’t we all crazy… in our own ways. I mean some people are crazy, like talk to plants crazy. But some people are crazy, like super hyper crazy. We are super hyper, awesome, crazy crazy. There is a difference. Or so we say…

So we are planning what we’re going to do tonight…as always, Starbucks is on the table…but Scout just got home too! So maybe we’ll bring him to feed his 8 year old coffee habit! She isn’t really a bad sister…she just loves coffee so much it blinds her decision making skills…and yes. She is as addicted to coffee as the pope is catholic.

Now Ryan is telling Lexie’s mom about “Zebra” Mochas and Dirty Chai. According to Ryan a Zebra Mochas is half Mocha, half White Mocha. Then a Dirty Chai is Chai with a shot of espresso. Ya okay he says I’m addicted to caffeine but he knows all of these crazy drinks not on the Starbucks menu. So yeah I think we have discovered the correct caffeine addict.

I got my grades now and I’m ehhh about finite but happy about everything else…at least no one actually gets 4.00s right? At least that’s what I tell myself to be okay with my 3.944 haha oh well… life goes on and so does this post.

We’re eating peanut butter pinwheels. They’re so good. And apparently they’re a pain to make. I’m hungry. I want my dad to get home with our City Barbecue. Seriously he is a half an hour late. He was supposed to be home at 7:30 and just walked in the door. Apparently Ryan and my dad both wrap things in the Wall Street Journal… Weirdos.

This is coming from Lexie…the girl whose mom is forgetting one of the many layers for her cookie wrapping…I think each box has 573,269,635,932.3 parts.

Now we are talking about stupid teachers who give stupid grades. Seriously. You tell us we do things perfect but you don’t give us perfect grades. Case and point- “This cannot be better.- 98%”. “This speech was honestly perfect.- 94%.” Then finally, I got a 39.5/40 on an essay because of a few misplaced comma and took it to an English teacher to get a note to say that the commas shouldn’t have been there and the teacher still wouldn’t change my grade. Teachers need to stop doing this. Don’t they know we are perfectionists and all we want is perfect grades. Imperfect grades make us upset and hurt our GPAs. So kindly stop. Perfect is 100%. Not 94, not 98, 100!!!! I mean really….is perfection in everything in school, activities, life and everything else really that much to ask for? Nope…its just one thing! And don’t teachers know that they make us perfectionists feel bad when they don’t give us 100%??? All we can think about is “What did we do wrong?” “What could we have done different?” “What are we failures at life?” “Do they not love us?”

So…that’s the end. And DONT even think about questioning the length…after all, it is us. It is Lexie and Ryan. It IS perfect. We would know. 😀


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