How we got lost in the tube in London

Two years ago, we went to England for Spring Break. One day, we went to Harrods to pick up Ryan’s new Burberry watch. We got there fine, getting back to the hotel proved to be a problem. First of all, we were supposed to be in groups of three, oops, so we were already breaking the rules. Oh well Ryan is literally 6’8, I don’t think that anyone was going to try and kidnap us, especially not in the area of London by Harrods.

We left the area of Harrods purposefully early to go take showers before we went to see Wicked (and since Lexies a girl she kind of had to dry her hair also). We got to the tube station and thought we knew where we were going. I assumed Ryan knew and he assumed I knew. I looked at him as I heard the upcoming stop which was unfamiliar to me, why? because it was wrong. I looked at him and said “Ryan why did we get on this train?” “I don’t know! I thought you knew!” SHOOT! We both thought. We got off at the unknown stop and looked for someone to help us. We found a nice looking lady and asked “How do we get to North Kenssington?” she had such a heavy accent that we could not understand. She literally sounded like the adults in Charlie Brown.

Twenty minutes later, after an intense study session with the map we thought we had it figured out. We proudly got on the train to figure out we were wrong AGAIN!. Only this time I took two stops to realize it. We thought that maybe the train turned around…. However that didn’t happen and we were even farther away from where we needed to be. We got off very discouraged and found another lady who had a clue and an understandable accent, she was American. She told us how to get to the line we needed to be on to get to Kenssington.

We found the area we needed to be at and got on what we hoped was the right train. After one stop we got off and ended up walking because it was not going to get us to the right station and we were running short on time. We walked back to the hotel and reached the lobby as everyone else was congregating to go to dinner. So much for time to shower……


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