10 things most people won’t tell you… but we are not afraid to

1. When you walk around like you’re important…please make sure you ARE important. Otherwise, you are just annoying and take the spotlight off of us real important people.

2. Buy clothes based on if they fit you. When you buy them because of the size and they’re too small they don’t look good. No one sees your tag…they just see your butt…and that’s not cool.

3. If you are not busy all the time and then some, please do not complain that you have been “sooooo busy” lately…you do NOT even know busy until you have seen our schedules!

4. iPhones and iPads are terrific inventions. But come on people. Turn off the darn clicking noise. It drives everyone CRAZY and people will mostly just make fun of how slow you type.

5. I really do not appreciate when you talk on the phone when you are checking out at the store…come on people…you need to realize that checking out slower is annoying…to everyone! I think your therapy session can be rescheduled in 3 minutes, and if you don’t agree, you probably need more sessions.

6. Think before you open your mouth. Otherwise, you WILL sound stupid.

7. Lazy people are people too…but only kind of.

8. The Occupy Movement=club for people mentioned in #7.

9. Teachers who refuse to give 100%’s just make enemies.

10. We are in charge of you in some way, somehow. Just be okay with it.


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