The language of Rawr

Hello, hi, hey there. We’re back!!! We bet you missed us! Scout is holding a fly cause it landed on him. We went to Staples today. And there was this guy on Sawmill riding his bike in the middle of the road. It irritated us. Now Mocha is chasing Adam and we’re tired. Blah. We want a snack, but we don’t know what we want. I think we will go find one…. in a minute. Why are the boys stomping? They’re being really annoying and loud. Ok we got a snack. We’re eating hot pepper cheese and pretzel crackers! Kate didn’t know that the mango cheese was spicy too. Her mouth is still burning. it hurts. Wednesday we are going to the Chinese grocery store to buy stuff to make dumplings. Yumyumyum. We will blog about it! Kate’s very excited! Lexie goes back to school three weeks from today. This is how Kate and Scout feel about it…”we don’t like it. its not fun. we lose our personal driver. 😦 and kate loses her entertainment because she won’t get to hear the moronic phone calls from people *cough cough cough cough*. we get bored more too. and it mean that we start school and that kate has to do her summer assignments so that she doesn’t fail out of her sophomore year.” As you can see they are so excited to get rid of their big sister….


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