My sister and me part 2

Our mommy mommy sugested that we split up this post so here is part 2!!! The next thing we need to introduce is Wedgewood Country Club. Wedgewood is our summer destination. We like to sit by the pool and eat chicken fingers with sweet chilli sauce. We also like to play gutter ball and Kate likes to hangout with Leslie and Lexie likes to hangout with Ashley. Tanner is our know it all encyclopedia that we love very much, even though we can really get on our nerves. He knows some really funny random facts, and probably could state any stat about most all pro baseball players. Tanner and Scout are obsessed with baseball. It is mildly entertaining and kind of gets annoying after a while. But whatever. Tanner, dad and grandpa have their own language that we like to call “mumble and grunt”. Scout is starting to learn it, Oh Snap, but we think he will forget it soon.(fingers crossed.) The next thing that we find interesting is we have 9 computers.  We all have one laptop, except for dad who has 2 and we have 2 desktops! Yep we are just THAT cool. 😀 Ohhhhh man our house is quite entertaining. Our favorite noise is the kitchen aid mixer, we prance down to the kitchen to see what yummy treat mommy mommy is making this time. All of the food mommy mommy makes is really good. However if we were stranded on an island and had to choose five things that she could make we would choose chocolate chip cookies; cake pops; buffalo chicken dip, sausage, mushroom, rigatoni cassarolle; and chicken tacos. Okay we’re done now. Time to eat lunch 😀



2 thoughts on “My sister and me part 2”

  1. You guys are way too hyped up on coffee for your own good! This was pretty funny!!

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