Lexie’s birthday :D :D

Hi hi! It’s us again!! It’s Lexie’s birthday in less then an hour! YAY YAY HOORAY HOORAY WOHOO WOHOO :D. We are eating gobstoppers and its hard for Kate to talk when she has one in her mouth. When she says mouth it sounds like mouse, you know the thing that goes squeak, squeak??? Our favorite flavor of gobstopper is yellow, yellow like Kates iPhone case. We are watching a Gilmore Girls, the one in season 1 where Rory has her birthday! Just like my sissy (this is Kate now). Aly rearranged is lay. i just discovered that but mistyping Aly. rainbow just ran away from us. wahhhhhh šŸ˜„ Scout spent an hour online tonight looking at Abercrombie kids picking out clothes. It was pretty funny. Mommy mommy made a very yummy dinner!!! She made mini pizza, sage butter ravioli and these really meatballs. Kate describes them as om nom nom nom nom. Kates face itches and she wants more gobstoppers. We might make a trip downstairs to get more… but our bed is too comfy… and we would have to go all of the way downstairs… and then back up…. Pizza Zaas is on Friday. We are so so so excited! We love Pizza Zaas. It is delicious!! šŸ˜€ Today we asked mommy mommy when she went into labor for Lexie. She said 3pm and she then had her 3 hours later. We were like wow thats quick! She was like ya those women who go in for days or hours are just wimps. Labor is something you just want to get over with. It was so funny. Oh how we love our mommy mommy. She is so funny. Kate’s feet are cold. Now it is raining. And Kate put a blanked on her head and thinks she is a ghost… a pink ghost. Ok well we are tired and Lexie’s birthday starts in 9 minutes. So we are going to gooo šŸ˜€ bye ā¤


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