My sister and me :D

Well we were planning on writing this a few hours ago, but then we got distracted by youtube and hulu… typical. We are currently waiting for mommy-mommy to get home because we want a quesadilla! Scout is upstairs playing COD… that is why he hasn’t come downstairs in a while. Kate has poision oak all over her. And she leaves for dance camp tomorrow….BOOOOO! Today we went to the Apple store and Barnes and Noble and Starbucks. We need to get our nails done… BAD, they do not look pretty. Its funny. One morning mom came into the room we were asleep in and our feet were poking out of our covers. She told us our feet are gross, and they needed to be fixed!That same morning Vince sent G O O D M O R N I N G over and over again at about 7am. We then told him that Wizard was on his way to have a chat with him , and told him he should wear a hat and dark clothes. Wizard was dying to get to know him better (him and Wizard have a …. rocky realtionship.) Wizard disagrees with his clothing choices and often makes the point of telling him by barking. He then stopped texting us and we went back to sleep. Hmmm Scout has been quiet for a while… maybe we should check on him. Ok… we’re back he is not dead 😀 YAY! Mommy mommy keeps the house cold, but thats good cause when we come inside from being outside it feels really good! And mommy mommy can’t sleep when its hot, then she is grouchy and thats just no fun! The next person we should introduce is Katrina. She is mommy mommys best friend and Vinces mom. She owns a little spa in our town and waxes our eye brows and makes us look pretty! 😀 She is over at our house a lot, especially when Vince is hungry. One time they came over last minute, and mommy mommy called dad and told him to pick up the take out. This made a grouchy Vince and he went into the living room, turned on the T.V. and ignored everyone! Boo!!! Hahahah we are having fun writing this! Who to introduce next. Meet our dad. He recently discovered pitbull and has a slight obsession. He was playing taboo with Lexie, Kate, Tanner and one of Lexie’s bestfriends Sydney and her boyfriend Drew. He all the sudden started to beatbox. It was weird and kind of embarrasing yet really funny. We all started cracking up. In our opinion he is better with teenagers and kids then adults sometimes. But, we think he should keep his day job for a few reasons. Reason one- he would kill us kids if he was home all day, we are LOUD, two mommy mommy would strangle him and three he needs to make money. Oh and his clients would be sad if he quit because even though he is a dork he is really good at his job!!!!!! We like to have these parties at our house called “Pizza Zaas”. Mommy and Daddy wanted to get a pizza oven in the back yard. But the city of Powell said no, for a lot of stupid reasons! Grrrrrrr we wanted our pizza oven!! Why are playsets allowed then? Playsets are ugly, even though they’re for kids. Well we have news for you Powell. We would have used it as a toy too. Actually a multi purpose toy. We could have jumped from the top of the oven into our little pond, making it a toy and have made pizza so BAM in your faces!!! TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2


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