Favorite Adventures

  1. Diary of A Wimpy Kid and Graffiti burger with Scout
  2. Scouts Memorial Day baseball tournament. He won the championship!
  3. Memorial Day golf tournament
  4. First pool day of summer 2010 and then taco truck
  5. The week in June when we had two sleepovers, went to Tanner and Scouts games, got Maria’s iphone, saw Mr. Poppers Penguins, ate Kogens 3 times, went to the mall twice and a bunch of other stuff!
  6. October pizza party with Alexa, Kelci, Syndey, Alicia, Tiffani and Ryan.
  7. Helping Lexie’s mom make desserts for Tanners grad party
  8. The day we went to Scout’s class to be mystery reader then made milkshakes cause Maria got her wisdom teeth out!
  9. The day we built a gingerbread house and went to zoo lights.
  10. May 15th 2010 epic adventure. Iceskating, movies and Dave and Busters!

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