Lexie and Maria

How not to be a hippie

First off lets get started with the definition of a hippie. You’re probably thinking of someone with long hair wearing tye-dye and peace signs. Well our definition of a hippie is something slightly different. A hippie is anyone and everyone who gets on our nerves, instead of calling someone an inappropriate name, we refer to them as a hippie. Below you will find a list of things that will get you classified as a hippie.

– Act different in front of other people to show off

– Take advantage of other peoples kindness

– Have a boyfriend that tells your sister to calm down

– Handle animals carelessly

– Talk when someone is on the phone or trying to watch TV

– Take things meant to be a joke way to seriously

– Keep begging someone to come home when they’re at their friends house

– Don’t clean up after themselves

– Bug someone to do something after they already said they don’t want to

– Not pay attention while driving

– When someone thinks that they know everything

Stay clear of the above list and you’re good to go!


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