Bucket List

1. Go to Haiti for Global Orphan Project

2. Work on a water project in Africa

3. Get into law school

4. Pass the bar in Maryland and go back to the firm I worked at this summer

5. Go castle hoping in Europe

6. Start a garden community in Guatemala

7. Start a non profit for the cure of a disease

8. Learn how to row crew

9. Visit the John Hardy factory in Bali

10. Go back to school and get a degree in architecture

11. Start an adoption agency

12. Open up orphanages in China, Brazil, Romania, Costa Rica, India, Russia and one more country

13. Start a non profit day care center for military families

14. Sponsor a vaccination clinic in a refugee camp in Africa

15. Design my own clothing line

16. Ride a motorcycle

17. Build my dream house

18. Get a masters in diplomacy

19. Zip line again in the rainforest

20. Conquer my fear of water so I can train for and do a triathlon

21. Open an orphanage in North Korea

22. Go in a hot air balloon

23. Go to the opening ceremony of the Olympics

24. Learn to ski

25. Open my own boutique for my line of clothes I design

26. Sponsor an exhibit in a zoo

27. Open up a boarding school for orphans in the Darfur area

28. Start a farm in a village in Africa so they can learn to become self sufficient

29. Learn to play the electric guitar

30. Own a coffee shop and hire people with special needs

31. Swim with dolphins

32. Learn to make sushi

33. Learn sign language

34. Go to the John Hardy factory in Bali

35. Break a world record

36. Create an organic makeup and perfume line


……….. Wake up one day when I am very old and be happy with what I have done with my life


3 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. I love your Blog Lexie


  2. Aww thank you 😀 keep reading!!!

  3. I’ll open a zoo!!!! That sounds fun, also if you visit me (out here) we could go zip lining in Cairns (I would have to get over that whole hight thing…. )

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