Hi Everyone

My name is Lexie and I am a sophomore in college at a charming little school called Lake Forest about an hour north of Chicago. I am from a little town in Ohio called Powell where I have lived almost all of my life. I’ve got pretty much everything I could ask for. Some awesome siblings, a stay at home mom who loves to bake and is always involved in things at our adorable little private school, a really successful dad and the worlds best friends. We have a lot of pets! We have a Bernese Mountain dog named Wizard and a Wheaton Terror named Mocha, however my mom refers to her as a Wheaton TERROR. We also have 2 cats, one named Gingersnap and another named Rainbow, a bearded dragon named Mason and two aquariums!! I love to dance, tap is my favorite and I am SUCH A girly girl. I also love to be with my friends. I absolutely LOVE coffee, Starbucks makes me so happy. Summer and winter are my favorite seasons. Summer because I love to go to the pool and watch my two younger brothers play baseball and winter brings Christmas and SNOW.  I want to be an international adoption attorney one day after I go to Ohio State to get my JD and MBA then masters in leadership.  There’s my short little “all about me crash course.”


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