I am very sad to report my time here is running low…. But I don’t even want to think about that, lets just say I am living in denial. As the weeks progress I get harder and more interesting projects. Last week I worked on four citizen applications, did a motion for reconsideration of sentencing, a petition to convert an estate from regular to small, started a Schedule B form for a small estate and met with a couple of clients. One of the clients was for a new case that I am working on that involves theft and selling alcohol untaxed and the other was about an estate. Also, we are working on a murder trial that is scheduled for early next week. On Friday I went to court in the morning and then I spent a lot of time in the afternoon trying to contact the jail to find out someones bond and why he was arrested. That’s when I discovered reason 1,000 I want to become a lawyer, I crave excitement. Obviously someone going to jail isn’t exciting but trying to figure out why they are there is! Meanwhile, I am frequently checking USCIC’s (Immigration services) website waiting for two green cards to get approved for renewal. Confession- USCIC is definitely my home page for when I log onto the computer and I have the case number memorized so I can check quickly every time I click on the internet… not only on my work computer but my laptop as well. As much as I am in complete denial that I do not have much longer here I have started thinking about how much I am going to miss this office. I’ve become so comfortable here and would rather just stay forever… But I need to go and get a JD first.