My first day at Vallario Law Group I had no idea what to expect, knowing very well that the previous interns had been law students I had no clue what they would let me do. After the completion of my first week I am pleasantly surprised, this experience has surpassed any expectation that I had. Also, everyone has been great and welcoming, I even have my own office! After my first week I have conducted the interview for and done the paperwork for two accident cases, heavily researched information for a fraud case, gone to multiple court hearings and worked on an accounting for a will and trust. Also, I have had multiple conversations with the guy who does the tech work for our office about a few big projects I will be working on. The first project is moving the firm to Google calendar as opposed to their current software so that it is easier for everyone to access on their computer, IPAD etc. The second project is putting all of our firm’s documents into a server accessible by all people in the office. This includes a folder for each county’s court forms, making our office more efficient and organized. I will begin this project on Monday. I am enjoying this experience so much that I got very upset leaving my office on Friday, knowing I wouldn’t be back until Monday morning. I am from a small town in Ohio and even though I got to college in a Chicago suburb the thrill of commuting to work in a big city has not even began to wear off. I love riding the subway to work with my Starbucks, so much so that I get up so early that I have time to run in the morning before I need to get ready because I am so excited to see what the day is going to bring.