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Stolen time is time that you do not realize you are wasting and can actually be working. At the beginning of each day while you are drinking your morning coffee make a list of small things that need to be done, phone calls to make, emails to send etc. That way when you find a few minutes in your day you are able to get right to work instead of thinking about what you need to do.

1. While you are working out on an elliptical,study flashcards or listen to a book on tape.

2. Make a to-do list while you eat. Don’t just sit there. That way you can still be engaged in the conversation but being productive at the same time.

3. If you are waiting for someone somewhere and they are running late don’t just sit there, get something done. One of the reasons iPads and Smartphones were invented.

4. Studying while watching TV isn’t ideal. But if there is a show that you must watch make flashcards or something else that doesn’t take your full attention while you watch.

5. If you are 5 minutes early to a class or meeting don’t sit there and waste time. Catch up on emails or go over a set of flash cards. That way you are being productive but can still talk to people while you do it

6. Make phone calls while you are walking. I just don’t recommend sending texts or emails especially if you are on a stair case. Trust me from experience…

7. If you can’t sleep at night get up for a half hour and work then try again. Theres no point in just laying there.

8. Waiting in line is a huge waste of time. Be sure that you are doing something productive such as emailing if you have a smart phone or going over flashcards.

9. During commercials when you’re watching TV make goals. For example say “I will switch my laundry during the next commercial”.

10. Always have a Plan B. If something gets let out early make sure you know what you’re going to do. Find a place to sit down and get to work.