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Scout calls me Aly.

1. “I am not trying to diss the eiffel tower or anything but it might fall down…” While we were playing Apples to Apples during a Pizza Zaas.

2. “Aly if you don’t study that book right there (LSAT prep book) then you won’t get into law school”

3. “ALY if you make Santa not come because you’re not asleep I am going to be so mad at you, I will be mad for 5 days.” “MOM what are you doing lighting a fire??? You are going to kill Santa!!”

4. I was having a sleepover with my friend Sydney. Scout walks in my room and goes “Um wake me up at 7:00?” we asked him why and he said. “Because I want you to take me to Starbucks before school so I can get my peppermint mocha!.”

5. One time me and Kate were having a fight and Scout said, “Oh Aly, she’s on to you like a dingo watching a sea turtle lay its eggs on the beach!”

6. “Scout eat your salad or something else green” (meaning broccoli or something). “Okay Ill eat some mint chocolate chip icecream”- Scout

7. To our babysitter- “Anastasia, my kids are asleep upstairs. Tans my brother. He’s 45 he’s a big year old.”

8. Shut the popsicle up!!

9. One time in a hotel Scout half woke up, looked at me said “I want a chocolate chip pancake” while he was asleep.

10. “Where did you buy this kid?”- Maria “Walmart! They have all the good deals on kids”- Scout