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1. My philosophy on breaks from school- More time to get things done because I have no class and no meetings.

2. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight.

3. My life is like a treadmill, I run and run and at the end of the day feel like I never get where I want to be! So frustrating.

4. I judge how productive my day was by what I did not get done on my to do list.

5. I sleep with my blackberry on full blast so I know when I get an email.

6. I schedule my day out day by day and have it written down in my to do list/daily schedule notebook, iPad and computer.

7. There is no emotion coffee cannot fix. “Talking about it” wastes time!

8. You do not want to encounter me in the morning before my first cup of coffee or when I am running low on caffeine.

9. I have made it very clear that when I get married I will not be staying home with kids. Ever.

10. I love Mondays more then Fridays because a new work week is ahead!

11. I feed off of having too much to do, stress makes me more productive!

12. Being sick is not an acceptable reason to miss classes or meetings!

13. New projects excite me so much that I will start them any hour of the day.

14. I love it when my days are so packed full that I am not sure how I will make it through! Thats what makes life interesting!

15. I always need to be doing something, if I am not I start making to do lists. Doing nothing wastes time!

16. iPads are for work…not angry birds

17. What you call stress, I call life.

18. Naps are simply time for your brain to subconsciously think of things for you to do when you wake up.

19. There is never a day when I don’t try to network my way to my future.

20. Busy people have more fun!

But hey workaholism is a totally acceptable addiction!