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It’s been a week since I came back to LFC from fall break, and I was getting sort of homesick until the other night I came to a distinct realization. While I love my own family, I have an awesome, diverse, big family here at Lake Forest and a private liberal arts education is a unique and rare experience. So I have decided instead of being sad about missing my real home, I will be happy and embrace the uniqueness of my other home here in the forest.

I have gone about my daily life keeping this “one big family” idea in the back of my head, and I figured out by piecing many different experiences together, that my theory is indeed correct. I was in Johnson A the other day with one of my friends and saw a group of science students studying together “they’re always in there, studying together, it’s like a little family!” she said.Theres that word again, family, a group of people that help each other out.

I do most of my work at a table in the Deerpath lobby, my friends refer to it as “Lexie’s table” and know where to find me if I am not in class or in my many meetings. I love the Deerpath lobby, it’s full of life and noise (something that I love about my home in Ohio). I do have my own room, so I very well could do my work up there, but I would get lonely!!! There are people doing homework together, groups of people watching T.V or just talking in the lobby, I am not an only child so I am used to/need noise. I love this particular table because people always see me and stop and talk on their way in or out of the dorm. I love it when people come join me to do their homework because it reminds me of doing my homework with my siblings back in Ohio.

I walked into one of my classes today and two of my friends were already there. The three of us are always early to this class. Now if I went to a big school, I would have 300 people in the class, and chances are good that if there were only three of us there early, no one would even speak to each other, they would be lucky to get a “hello” or a smile. This is not the case at Lake Forest, we immediately started talking and laughing and the other students and even the professor joined when they walked in. You don’t get that at a big school and I am so lucky to be here.