1. Its so easy to get involved.
  2. I actually like going to class and meetings! I can’t really describe why I love my busy days but they make me feel like I have a purpose and spot in the campus community.
  3. I get to be on the presidents advisory board
  4. Professors make classes fun and engaging, rarely do they make us sit there and listen to them talk for an hour
  5. Every alumni I meet is so passionate about the school and I love listening to their experiences and stories
  6. I get to give tours and say positive things about the school and mean what I say
  7. Right near Chicago
  8. Giant bean bag chairs in the library

10. Small classes and all of the teachers know names

11. Most everyone is so friendly

12. Brand new cafeteria and sports center

13. The town of Lake Forest is adorable

14. I get to take Chinese class

15. There’s a lot of things to do on the weekends on campus

16. There are a lot of really great people who work here that really want to help the students and want them to succeed (Dean Flot, Dean Golz and everyone else in Rosemary and Student affairs really care about their students)