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My mom is hosting a party this weekend and here is a recipe for something she asked me to make when I was helping her this evening! We actually stole the idea from the Ritz Carlton club level in Cleveland, when we were there for TAYLOR SWIFT 😀

Ingredients needed- cherry tomatoes, small pieces of marinated mozzarella, prosciutto sliced thin and tooth picks.

First, you start off by cutting up tomatoes and mozzarella that has been marinated in basil, salt, pepper and olive oil. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half (hotdog style) and cut the mozzarella in half the same way.  Make sure that the tomato and mozzarella some what match up in size, because you will need to stack them on top of each other eventually.

Next, get the prosciutto and slice it thin. Be sure that it is thick enough that you can wrap it around the tomato, but thin enough that you can actually see the tomato. Ideally, you would wrap it around the tomato two to three times.

After you have everything cut, put a piece of mozzarella on top of a tomato. After you do this, wrap a piece of prosciutto around it and then stick a tooth pick in it to make it stays together.

Above is a plate with roughly 60 skewers!