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When I am done with school I really want to become an international adoption attorney. About 6 years ago, my parent’s friends went to China to adopt their daughter Lily. One night, I was sitting at dinner, listening to them tell my parents all about the experience. That night I thought more about what they were saying and came to the conclusion that it is so stupid that people who want to adopt have to go through that much trouble. There were so many kids that need to be adopted in the world. After further research I determined that I wanted to become an adoption attorney and open up my own orphanages throughout the world. I also decided that I would start my own agency, and base it out of Chicago. I then spent two summers in a row in foreign orphanages with a group called Global Leadership Adventures, one summer in Costa Rica and another summer in Brazil. As the months went on, I began to lock in my list of countries. China will be first Romania will come next, then Russia, Costa Rica, Brazil, India and then last will be (hopefully) North Korea. My plan for China is to shut down a state ran orphanage and move the kids to my privately ran orphanage in Southern China.  My plan for North Korea is still in the works. I plan on getting my masters in diplomacy to help me achieve this goal. The orphanage will have somebody escort the kids into the states, since North Korea is not really an option  for Americans to go. This means that the parents will not get to meet the child before bringing them home. Below are pictures of my trips to Brazil.